3 New & Exciting New-Age Fields for Startups

new age startups

It’s always exciting for established startup gurus to try their luck in rather unexplored territories. The main advantage that these new markets possess is that they’re unsaturated. Which means, if your startup idea is unique and your service worthwhile, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem for your startup to stand out in such a field. Let’s take a look at some of those empty fishing zones.

1. Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is all the rage these days. Developed countries are already boasting quantum computers in top laboratories, R&D centers and government establishments. Developing countries are not far behind either. Countries like India are heavily into research about quantum computers. There are already a couple of startups in this field like D-Wave systems, but the saturation level is still far off from the levels in some of the more common markets. If you have a background in Physics, it’d be even easier for you to pursue a startup in this zone.

2. Self Cleaning Aquariums

Aquarium fish-keeping is one of the most growing hobbies amongst pet enthusiasts. But, one of the major hassles of keeping an aquarium is the maintenance that’s associated with it. That’s where these new age, maintenance-free aquariums come into play. Unlike their traditional counterparts, self cleaning fish tanks do not require you to clean the water, not in a week, not within a month, in fact, never. Some prototypes of these currently exist as crowd-funded projects, while others are still in their ideation phase. If you’ve got interest in aquariums and an ability to think out of the box, you are sure to succeed in this field.

3. Iris-powered Smartphones

Now, this is an entirely different ball game altogether. We’re talking about smartphones that can be operated with your eye-movement. This may sound like a scene from your favourite sci-fi movie, but guess what, it’s really what the future has in store for us. Companies like Sony and Samsung are currently exploring the options of producing such phones as a mass-market commodity, and if the track records of their excellent R&D departments are to be considered, it might be sooner, than later, that these new generation smartphones start popping up.

So, if you were looking to get into a new, and very different field from your everyday re-hashed Internet and Software startups, any of these 3 field might be a great option for you to create your next startup in. With a proper plan and resources to scale things beyond your starting point, you shouldn’t really be failing as long as you know what lake you’re taking your boat to.

Wear Your Clothes Without Letting It Wear You

You’d think that something as basic and common as clothes wouldn’t take a second of contemplating what you should wear for the day. We do it every day, how complicated could it be? It would be nice if we didn’t have to think so much about it, take the first thing your hand touches and you’re good to go.

Or wear the same thing every day, oh how much time are we gonna save if we all do this, just look at the signature outfit of the US president: navy blue suit, Facebook CEO and co-founder: Adidas flip flops, a grey T-shirt and his signature hoodie, as well as the Apple’s chairman and CEO: black mock turtleneck, blue jeans, New Balance sneakers. But if we’re going to be honest, that’s not for everybody. Most people take their outfit everyday into a lot of consideration.

You could be the kind of person who dresses for comfort? Or those who dresses for success? Or you belong to those who pick out clothes depending on their mood for that day? Maybe you consider the weather, occasion, and place too? While some likes to just wear safe, something that will allow them to look casual and professional at the same time.

See how serious this matter is? Good news is there is actually a kind of clothing that can go from casual everyday clothes, to promotional work wear. Polo shirts, especially embroidered ones are comfortable enough to be worn regularly yet professional looking to be donned at work.

Polo shirts come in different colors and styles so you’re not really wearing the exact same thing every day. If it’s for work, you can always go for embroidered polo shirts the company that you work for. Moreover, it’s actually safe enough if you don’t know what you’re supposed to wear on an event or gathering because it’s kind of an in the middle apparel that can go either way.

Want to stock up on polo shirts now? Or find yourself in need for a lot of them? Visit http://www.logos4polos.com/ because they’ve got you covered!


The Power of Infographics

Following yesterdays post on Infographics, I thought I’d dive a bit deeper!

What are infographics? How do infographics have great impact on the Internet? The term of information graphics, or infographics, are the combination of information and graphics on the design. The infographics represent the information, data or materials and express them through graphics. Infographics give readers the best opportunity to understand information easily without spending much time reading. Data visualization, information design, or information architecture are subject to infographics. Although the process of creating infographics is complex, the effectiveness is high. The power of infographics cannot be explained with a few words.

Actually, infographics are not new. They have existed for many years. However, recently, the number of infographics has increased rapidly. The reason is that the power of infographics has impacted strongly on marketing strategies. Infographics now are widely used by many people, especially marketers. The useful factors of infographics are determined throughout the profits they bring to users. Most of marketers find that infographics give good conversion. Infographics are very popular. You can find information on every website or on social media sites.

Infographics are commonly used to represent everything. The development of infographics is the important turning point. In the near future, people don’t have to take lots of time to read information by text. Most will be represented by infographics. The value of them is not calculated. Currently, most of online business owners start to invest in infographics to market their products and services. All get positive results in profits.

The infographics can give business owners lots of chances to increase the number of sales. Visitors will be easy to be turned into potential by reading the infographics. Most of readers are lazy. They don’t have to spend much time reading text. They only skim the main ideas. Therefore, infographics will be the best selection to opt-in.

If you are marketers, you will know the value of infographics. Actually, people are willing to share nice designs, even they know that these are commercial promotion.

It is very convenient to use infographics. Lots of text will be cut off; and only the important information will be presented in nice and neat graphics, but it still expresses enough information like original text. This is one of the most powerful tools for marketers to maximize the profits.

The power of infographics can be explained in specific details below:

  • Readers can save time to read information
  • Easy to understand the content
  • Attractive
  • Draw great attention from readers
  • Express full information with only the important information
  • Encourage readers to read the materials in comparison of text.
  • Help marketers gain lots of profits.

Infographics can be created by using software such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. These tools help the process of creating infographics faster and easier. Easy to present information and arrange nice and neat graphics.

However, if you are newbies, you should learn how to design infographics with step-by-step guides. This will save you lots of time. It is your choice to make.

Get ahead of the SEO & paid traffic curve this Christmas

It’s that time of the year where you might be regretting not starting your SEO earlier.

Christmas is a huge time to capitalize on free & paid traffic to generate new and long term customers.

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So, if you wanted an agency to handle your SEO who were familiar with the problems startups have to face, I think the guys behind this London-based SEO Company is worth a shot. Looking at how much effort they’ve put in to produce such an informative and useful infographic, chances are, they’ll do just the same when it comes to clients’ contents as well. Either way, worth a shot IMO.

How to launch a product or a website without writing a single line of code

When I was starting out, there was this unspoken rule that said: ‘’There is no success in launching a startup if you don’t know how to code’’.

Since I was young and dumb, I actually believed into this. Few years later, I noticed handful of successful entrepreneurs who managed to achieve success without having to learn how to write a single line of code.

This made me thinking how, which soon enough led me to lot of answers I was looking my whole life. If you are missing certain ability or a skill, use another one from your arsenal to make it up.

Nowadays, lot of startups are getting their first customers with minimal technology, minimum knowledge and often, no code at all.

If you are looking to build a new website, put out a product or anything similar, you should know that it is possible but as always, effort is something you will need to invest if you want success.

In this article, I’m going to focus on how do they do it or how you can launch a startup exactly the same. Without writing a single line of code.

Focus on making customers happy instead of building a product

Successful business owners all know one important thing: To succeed, you need to make your customers happy. Sounds simple and easy but in the reality, it’s exhausting and often not enjoyable.

But we all need to take sacrifices in order to become successful.

It’s really important to serve a customer and that is why it’s more important than to build a product. This is the mindset you need to have if you want to establish a successful business.

In good words of Ben Yoskovitz:

‘’Customers do not care how you get your things done: just get it done and solve their pain’’

This is true and you know it. Even if you haven’t maybe launched your product, service or anything, you’ve been a customer plenty of times and you know how you felt. People just need things done- they don’t care about the process. Remember that.

Replace technology with people

Think about the hardest part of your business. Something that is really hard to be done and it requires lot of time.

That’s something that will require the most complex development. That’s something that no one else has ever done.

Can a real person, a human being, perform those tasks manually?

For lot of business owners, this is the key to success.

Let me show you the example of David Quail, very talented and smart software engineer. He was trying one thing- to schedule all the meetings over email. He thought that would make his life so much easier. Then, he realized that it would take months if not years to make a tool good enough for something like that.

He decided that it would be easier to hire people that will do the work manually. Soon enough, his business has grown and he automated huge part of email meeting and consulting.

What is the point you need to draw from David Quail story? If something should take years to get done, hire people who will get it done for you. Honestly, I never code and I never bothered learning how to do it, only because it would take years for me to learn everything and I can hire just about anyone who will get something done for me pretty quickly.

Use off the shelf solutions to build a good business

As you don’t know how to code, finding solutions that can replace the actual coding is a smart thing to do. I personally recommend these:

  • Use eCommerce systems to accept payments or even subscriptions.
  • Create online forms and use them to interact with your customers.
  • Build a smart support knowledge base with GetSatisfaction, ZenDesk or Uservoice.
  • Use copy paste stuff from web. Widgets or live chats are just some of the examples.

The Power of WordPress and its hidden treasures

WordPress is commonly called a platform for people who are not into programming and who doesn’t know how to write anything in code. People like me, mostly.

But WordPress has many features, you know. And you still don’t have to touch any code. The best thing about WordPress is that is free. While free WordPress along with free WordPress themes won’t be customizable enough, I recommend purchasing a professional theme that usually costs around $40-$80. Depending on your needs, you can purchase some plugins that will help you transform your website into an eCommerce store or a membership website or even a small forum.

This is how Park Chol built FortLeePT. Though he is a tech enthusiast, it’s actually big deal to build a functional, bug-free service website out of scratch without getting a course of web development. Though he is no web wizard, his website has been one of the major source of new customers for his business.

Everything is possible with WordPress.

I hope this post puts fate into your hands. I understand you have fears because you don’t have programming skills. I’m happy to show that you really don’t need them.